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Who’s Sore-y Now?

In the grand scheme of life, T.Puzzle is doing pretty good after his tonsillectomy.  The hardest part has been getting him to take his pain meds.  Somehow convincing a very opinionated 5-year-old that orally ingesting pain relievers down the very vessel that has been injured, is most often a losing battle.  Yesterday, as he complained of a hurting throat, I brought him some Tylenol.  We were at an instant stand-off that ultimately led to him being sent to his room.  The tantrum that followed was of epic proportions.  Eventually, he calmed himself enough and was able to take the medicine.  About thirty minutes later he sat at the table and ate some yogurt.

“How’s your throat feeling?”  I asked.

“It feels good now but it really hurts when I scream and cry,” he replied as he lapped up another spoonful of yogurt.

Some lessons are painful to learn, aren’t they?

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