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Coach warms up his team.

If you are able to step back from the everyday details of motherhood, greater lessons are there for the taking.  I never knew being a soccer Mom could be inspirational.  I’m so glad there were those moments in the season that made me proud of my boys (all three, go Mad Dog!).

Brothers march down the field

This summer Mad Dog coached the boys in a winning season of 3v3 soccer.  When he initially moved T.Puzzle up a division, I balked.  The first set of games that I watched my 5 year-old go up against seasoned 6 and 7 year-olds, I almost fainted from anxiety.  Thankfully, the little man held his own.  I guess having a big brother beat you up on a daily basis toughens you up.  It took me to about mid-season to relax a little (I’m talking a tiny, little bit) and enjoy the games unfolding before me.  I still never enjoyed when T.Puzzle would be launched across the field because of his lack of body weight.  I did love that no matter how many times he got knocked to the ground, he always got back up and back in the game.

T.Puzzle is crushed to the field as the seemingly giant players from the opposition bring the heat.
T.Puzzle goes head to head with a player who is thankfully, more his size.

As for Full Speed, this is the season he learned that your mental game is crucial to achieve your peak, physical performance.  For the last set of season ending games, only him and my nephew (who is only 5 like T.Puzzle), were available to play.  That meant they had to play two against three for three, 24 minute games with zero substitutions.  In the final game, Full Speed pulled a miraculous 5 goals out of his back pocket leading them to a 6-1 victory.  After the game Full Speed told Mad Dog, “My body wanted to quit on me but my mind wouldn’t let it.”

How’s that for inspiration?

A determined Full Speed keeps on going!

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