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End of an Era

Okay.  I understand some kids don’t like to be cuddly.  Even as an infant, it was clear as day, Full Speed didn’t have time to sit still and snuggle.  My Mom even commented that the only way Full Speed would cuddle, was if he didn’t feel well.

T.Puzzle was a refreshing change.  He loved to be held, love to give and receive smooches and generally, enjoyed hugging everyone as much as possible.

That is until he started kindergarten.  Gone are the days of smooching me spontaneously.  There are no more moments of snuggle time in the mornings before we start our day.

I’ll admit, this has been a difficult transition for an emotionally expressive person like myself, but I can respect it.  What I can’t handle is the defiant attitude that has gone along with it.

This morning I had a sit down discussion with him.  He eventually articulated that he doesn’t like to snuggle anymore (sigh).  We have set new ground rules and I will not pester him to cuddle, but in return, he must receive an occasional hug and smooch from me in a gracious manner.

He agreed.

How is it my boys keep easily moving towards independence without my permission?

Then again, when have they ever asked my permission to do anything?

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