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‘Big’ Brother

The sibling relationship is a complicated wonder.  It is the first relationship where you learn that you are not the center of the universe.  You also learn that the behavior of others is out of your control.  Whenever I hear T.Puzzle repeating everything Full Speed says in an annoying, sing-songy way, I know Full Speed is learning about patience and self-control.  Meanwhile, T.Puzzle learns about self-preservation as Full Speed physically attacks him in retaliation.  Sibling relationships aren’t always pretty, but they challenge us to be more of who we are.

I often wonder how my boys view their relationship with each other.  Are they good friends?  Are they fierce competitors?  Or, more likely, are they a bit of both of these?

I think T.Puzzle’s recent drawing of him and his brother sums it up perfectly.  Yes, he is thankful for his brother, but note how T.Puzzle’s stick figure is on the right.  Interesting that he drew himself nearly twice the size of his older, taller brother Full Speed.  As a younger sister myself, I think T.Puzzle is a brilliantly talented artist.  Don’t you?

Full Speed and the giant T.Puzzle enjoying time together.
Full Speed and the giant T.Puzzle enjoying time together.

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