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Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Christmas to You!

I was chatting with a friend and we were discussing our December wedding anniversaries.  We both realized that at the time of our weddings, December seemed like an awesome to wed.  There were holiday decorations everywhere and it made us feel as if the whole world was celebrating with us.  However, subsequent wedding anniversaries smack-dab in the middle of the demands of the holiday season (which grow exponentially with children), are not always easy to make special.  Never one to keep things simple, throw in T.Puzzle’s sixth birthday the day after this year’s anniversary, and let’s just say, romance may very well have left the building.

T.Puzzle gets ready to make a birthday wish.
T.Puzzle gets ready to make a birthday wish.

In the midst of all this, Mad Dog and I were lucky enough to have an evening to ourselves (thank you, Grandma!).  We reminisced about our fateful third anniversary where instead of going out to dinner, we opted for the maternity ward of our nearby hospital.  I gave birth to T.Puzzle in the wee hours of the morning.  To be honest, I would take anniversary jewelry over labor any day.  Of course, hands down, once I was through the labor stuff, T.Puzzle has been my favorite anniversary present of all time. 

Mad Dog and I marveled at the speed of these past nine years and how thankful we are that we are still standing.  I believe the secret to our marriage is simple.  I talk and he listens.  He doesn’t always agree, he may even zone out to football scores/standings in his head, but he appears to listen.   At least that is what I plan to tell Mad Dog.  Whether or not he actually listens to me is hard to know.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Christmas to You!”

  1. We did the same, married December 26th… It was so beautiful at the time, but a little chaotic every year after, haha. 🙂 A lot of times our favorite restaurants aren’t even open, so Jack In the Box has become a staple to welcome in our anniversary. 😀 I love your anniversary-present story, so wonderful to be able to commemorate the day like that!

    1. If only we would have known! I guess there’s good reason why June is a popular wedding month!

      It was surreal spending our 3rd anniversary night in the hospital, but well worth it.

      Happy Anniversary/Christmas to you!

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