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On Fire


As we were leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s last night I hurried the boys along. I wanted to make sure we got home in time to watch the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Mad Dog said to the boys, “You can stay up and watch Beyoncé and maybe the start of the second half.”

“What’s a Beyoncé?” asked a clearly perplexed T.Puzzle.

We figured once he watched her perform, he would understand. I mean how can you define a Beyoncé anyway?

I don’t know what was more entertaining to watch, while the Destiny’s Child reunion was pretty awesome, the look of dazed wonder on my boys’ faces as Beyoncé shimmied and shook across the stage was entertainment in and of itself. They didn’t quite grasp what was happening and then Full Speed got extremely concerned when flames shot from the stage.

“Fire on the stage is very dangerous,” he said sternly. He looked worried that Beyoncé could burst into flames at any moment.

Give it a few more years and something tells me the boys won’t need flames to think Beyoncé is hot. Right now, I’m going to appreciate that fire safety is more attention-getting for them than her shaking booty.

As for Mad Dog’s take on the show, for his own reasons for personal safety, he never shared them out loud.

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