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A Cut Above

For every child there are rites of passage.  As they inch closer and closer to adulthood, they experience life in new and exciting ways.  There’s the first time they walk and talk.  There’s the first time they swim without water wings, ride a bike without training wheels and learn to read on their own.  The list goes on and on.

Then, there’s the first time they cut their hair all by themselves.


When T.Puzzle came home sporting this fabulous new ‘do, I asked him how he managed to pull it off without being noticed.

“Don’t worry Mom.  Only the little people saw me.  I made sure the teacher wasn’t watching.”

He was so proud of himself on so many levels.  He entertained his classmates, he manage to make his hair look weird and the teacher missed the whole deal.

Clearly he’s stylish and smart.

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