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The Bike Ride

p8132940As long as there is breath in my body, I will fight for the right to have a family bike ride.  I play enough sports, I watch enough sports and I attend enough sporting events that I am justified in rounding up all three of my boys for bike riding.  They are so wholly resistant at times, I question whether I should push forward.  Then, after another round of football/baseball/basketball, I think, you know what?  I deserve a little something for me.

Mad Dog’s week has been particularly demanding work-wise so when a 90 minute window opened up for us to hop on our bikes this weekend, we took it.  I couldn’t believe we were finally doing something I wanted.  The sky was cloudless and the kind of deep blue that takes your breath away.  The temperature was perfect and I could hear the birds chirping us on to a fun family outing. Life was good.

We rode all of five minutes and T.Puzzle announces that he needs to use the bathroom.


There, I said it.

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