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Butterflies and Best Friends

Sometimes, as you make your way through life, you don’t understand that if you find a true friend along the way, you should do everything in your power to keep them.  I didn’t realize that when I met my dear friend while interning in graduate school, that she would become a life-long support in the ups and downs of my life.  Even though years and an entire width of America has kept us physically separated, we have smartly stayed connected through mutual effort and commitment.  When she came for a visit this past week after not seeing her for nearly six years (shockingly, we had not aged at all), we happily picked up right where we left off.  She had her adorable five-year old daughter in tow who quickly became one of my best friends as well.


The boys were very gracious helping to host and gamely participated in all things girl to keep her happy.  However, by the third day, Full Speed was starting to crack.  He didn’t understand why after ‘playing the games she wants, reading the books she wants and watching the shows she wants,” why on earth were we making him go see a 3D movie about butterflies?

When we arrived at the IMAX he perked up a little at the size of the theater.  Naturally, as the butterflies seemingly flitted past our faces, my friend’s daughter lovingly tried to catch them.  Full Speed and T.Puzzle tried to karate chop them into oblivion.

When the movie was over, Full Speed announced it was 1% interesting and 99% boring.  He was allowed to vent this opinion because he still had an afternoon and evening of Dora the Explorer and Rescue Fairy Princesses ahead of him.

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