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A Wrinkle in Time


I don’t know what it is about being six years old in this house that makes you full of opinions and unsolicited feedback.  Here are a few examples of what T.Puzzle has recently shared with me:

“What’s that on your forehead?” he asked seemingly innocent.

“What?” I responded certain I had a zit or something else equally annoying forming on my brow.

“That crack right there!” he said as he shoved an index finger in the direction of a wrinkle.  Needless to say it was hard to feel warm and fuzzy towards him after this observation.

He also recently experienced a scraped knee while playing outside.  When it was time for dinner he decided he didn’t like how his dinner looked.  He promptly shared that he could not eat it because “it was too spicy and it made his knee hurt more.”  Again, I wasn’t feeling real charmed by his logic.

So, when he became sick at night and needed to stay home, I thought it would be a good chance for us to hang out.  I hoped his need for feedback would dissipate some.  It certainly worked.  We had a very low-key day and even watched a movie together.  It was nice to be reminded that underneath all his opinions lies a really awesome kid.

The next day as he got ready for school he faked a cough.  “I’m a little bit coughing today, I guess I better stay home again.”

Finally, an opinion I appreciated.  I sent him to school anyway.  Wrinkles make me stubborn like that.

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