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Night and Day

708499693506-4While most people think my boys are extremely similar in looks and personality, they are like night and day to me.  Full Speed was built for sprinting.  T.Puzzle is a long distance runner.  Full Speed is a phenomenal eater and is willing to try anything once with a great attitude.  T.Puzzle is more picky but I don’t really care, he still has to eat what I give him.  Full Speed bores quickly in a pool.  T.Puzzle is like a little Nemo who could swim joyfully for hours and hours, and often does.

I love that they are different.  I love learning what makes each one tick and how they view the world.  One way they differ significantly is the amount of words they each use on a daily basis.  Full Speed is extremely vocal.  It is pretty darn easy to figure out how he feels and what he is thinking.  This is because he will give you a running commentary of every thought, feeling and emotion that comes over him the exact moment it comes over him.  T.Puzzle, while loving and keenly observant, holds his cards close to the vest.  I can relate because I’d much rather listen to someone tell their story than share my own.  Still, a part of me wishes I knew a little bit more about what went on in that marvelous brain of his.

This morning Full Speed was in his usual action mode sharing his thoughts about the upcoming day.  How he felt, what he was looking forward to and all the ways his day was going to be great.  Then, T.Puzzle shocked me.  He looked at me and said, “I think I am feeling….”  I held my breath waiting to hear what his little heart needed to share.  T.Puzzle continued “….like I really could eat a second waffle.”

Profound, wasn’t it?

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