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School’s Out

imageWhy is it when an event is stressful, even the good kind of stressful, that my boys turn on each other?  This is their last day of school.  One would think they would be joyous.  They should be holding hands in a harmonious way and praising each other’s accomplishments and good fortune.  Instead, they came downstairs starting their day in the serious throes of World War III.  I ended up having to raise my voice so much to get their attention, my throat actually kind of hurts now.  Needless to say, fighting fire with fire did very little to calm the situation.  The only thing it did was make me need a throat lozenge.

When I pick them up today, who knows what I will encounter.  Right now, I am formulating a plan.  I realize how I handle the rest of the day with them will set the tone for our entire 10 weeks of summer.  By the way, is anyone interested in having two boys visit them for an extended period?  No?  Okay.  Plan B.  If they don’t have a serious attitude adjustment, they will be sent to separate rooms for an indefinite but very long period of time and all privileges will be suspended until further notice.  It may or may not work, but at least my throat will be saved.  Something tells me I better stock up on throat lozenges anyway.

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