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Summer Vacation Highlights

1.  On our trip up north, Full Speed showed us some genuine gratitude.  We were all set to get him a soccer t-shirt while we attended the USMNT‘s Gold Cup Championship game at Soldier Field.  He was so thankful to be attending the game, that he politely declined.  He said being at the game was more than enough.  Needless to say, he got a t-shirt anyway.  I would have gotten him a car, too.  I basically would have gotten him anything he wanted.

2.  Even though T.Puzzle continues to insist on asserting his independence from me, when he won 1000 tickets at an arcade, he rushed to tell me all about it.  I guess maybe he hasn’t outgrown his Mom after all.  That’s a relief.  Seriously.

T.Puzzle celebrating with his cousin
T.Puzzle celebrating with his cousin

3.  We did lots of spectacular things this summer especially in Chicago.  Watching the men’s team win the Gold Cup, eating on the 95th floor of the Hancock, riding the ferris wheel and a surrey bike at Navy Pier and carriage ride at night downtown just to name a few.  Out of all these things, some of my favorite moments were the ones where conversations with my nieces and my boys would unexpectedly flow.  Sure, we were experiencing unique and awesome events, but the true wonder was simply being together.

me with my two favorite nieces
me with my two favorite nieces
my 3 favorite guys
my 3 favorite guys

Too bad summer can’t last forever.

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