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Sticky Situation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGetting back to a school routine isn’t always easy.   I think for some kids it’s easier than others.  Full Speed, being older,  is almost fully back on track.  T.Puzzle, well, it’s taking a little more ‘encouragement’.  I always make the effort to let the boys be responsible for as much of their morning routine as possible.  When Full Speed glares at me because I’m ‘making’ him clean his own glasses, I shrug.  I try to explain it’s better he learns how to do this now, because he probably isn’t going to want to have me live in his frat house so I can keep his glasses smudge-free.  T.Puzzle is much more ambivalent about this whole learning life skills stuff.  He’s game for anything, he just gets distracted sometimes.

On one particular morning, as he had forgotten to give his teacher some supplies for three days running, I took his adorable little face in my hands and ‘encouraged’ him to “Please give Mrs. A the glue sticks!”

“Yes, ma’am,” he recited quickly back.

Minutes before we were to exit for school, I led him to his backpack and dramatically opened up its main compartment.  Somehow, I incorrectly believed if I put some flair into my speech and movements, this would penetrate that sometimes foggy layer of inattention that takes hold of T.Puzzle’s brain.  I reached deep into the bowels of his bag.

“Look!” I said as I held up the items in question.  “Here are the glue sticks she needs.  She also needs these pencil boxes and don’t forget to turn in your daily folder!”

“Yes, ma’am”.

No sooner than I said it was time to go, he turns and walks out the door.

He didn’t even remember to take his backpack.

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