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Changing of the Guard

The shift has been subtle.  Slowly, over the past couple of years, T.Puzzle and Full Speed have started to watch more and more football with Mad Dog.   It works out well for me because now Mad Dog has his built-in crew ready to watch his Buckeyes on game day.

This past weekend, I actually voluntarily decided to watch the Buckeyes play Northwestern.  I am partial to the ‘Land of Lincoln’ since it is where I grew up and was curious to see how the brainiacs of Mad Dog’s alma mater stacked up against his beloved Buckeyes.  While I was watching, I noticed something remarkable.   Of course the game was exciting, but what I found more entertaining were the spontaneous conversations I had with my boys.  The highlights were when T.Puzzle sat next to me and actually gently petted one of our dogs and chatted with me quietly.  I also enjoyed showing Full Speed the original and extremely more awesome version of the McDonald’s commercial which pits elite athletes in a showdown for food.   The 1993 Michael Jordan/Larry Bird commercial far outshines the current commercial with quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick.  Full Speed and I were in stitches as Jordan and Bird one-upped each other in a ridiculous ‘nothing but net’ sort of way.

It seems that I am faced with a serious football choice.  I have decided for the remainder of the season to watch the Buckeyes with my guys.  It’s inevitable that the changing of the guard has happened.  It’s obvious my boys are starting to prefer their ‘guy time’ over sitting-quietly-and-reading-with-Mom-time.  What’s a girl to do?  Get her Buckeye jersey on and cheer like her life depends on it.  Well, at least her quality time with her boys does.

The three of us in much younger days dressed in our Buckeye gear

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