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DSC_8521There’s something about the doors of our home that make my boys feel the need to slam them on a daily basis.  This leads to some very heart-stopping moments as you hear the whiz of the door at unexpected times.  You hope as it slams into place that no fingers or hands go with it.  So, it did not surprise us as we sent our extremely energetic guys outside, that we heard a thud followed by the keening cries of Full Speed.   Upon further investigation, T.Puzzle had slammed Full Speed’s fingers in the doorway leading outside.  Since my patience was near zero with him already (that’s another blog post for another day), I got very angry even though it was ‘accidental’.  He had to be sent swiftly away to his room for his own safety.  Eventually I calmed down and realized Full Speed’s fingers were thankfully intact.  I then allowed T.Puzzle to come back downstairs.

“I’m sorry I got so mad at you.  I realize that it was an accident and we all make mistakes sometimes.”

“It really was an accident, Mom.”  T.Puzzle’s voice quavered and his eyes were rimmed with tears.  “I just wish you would have told me to be more careful with the door and then it never would have happened.”

And, just like that he was faultless.  In fact, not only was he faultless, he was actually an injured party in this debacle as well.

I may not agree with his logic, but I respect it.  Something tells me this kid would do well in a court of law.

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