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Parenting 101

The brainwashing for Steelers fandom starts early with Full Speed
Full Speed's on board, or is he?
Full Speed’s on board, or is he?
Little T.Puzzle mulls over being a Steelers fan...
Little T.Puzzle mulls over being a Steelers fan…
It's obvious he's having some serious second thoughts...
It’s obvious he’s having some serious second thoughts…

“I don’t understand why the boys are excited to watch every NFL team in the play-offs but I can’t ever get them to watch a Steelers game from start to finish,” lamented Mad Dog.

This was my matter-of-fact response, “That’s because you WANT them to watch the Steelers.  Haven’t you learned?  If you tell any boy (Mad Dog included) in this household you WANT them to do something, they will find every excuse not to do it.  If you want the boys to do something, it has to appear to be their own idea.   Otherwise?  You don’t stand a chance.”

There’s a fine line between parenting effectively and downright psychological warfare.  I say, if it gets your kids to eat their vegetables, it’s legit.

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