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And the Award Goes to….

ry=400T.Puzzle has been working on an on-line math curriculum.  He is enjoying it.  Yes, he enjoys math.  I’m not sure we are truly related.  Anyway, as he was winding down one particular lesson, I said to him that the next section would be easy for him since he is awesome with shapes and angles.  He said, “I don’t have to wait until the next lesson Mom, because I’m awesome at EVERYTHING.”

AWARD GIVEN:  T.Puzzle wins the Best Self-Image Award for seven years running.  We would open the contest to other contenders, but frankly, T.Puzzle is just too awesome and it wouldn’t be fair.

As we were on our way to an event as a family, I plugged the address in my phone to start us in the right direction.  About halfway there, Mad Dog posed a question to clarify what exit we needed to take.

“Dad, do you know where you are going?” Full Speed asked with an incredulous tone.

“Of course, I always know where I’m going,” Mad Dog replied.

“That’s because you have Mom to guide you,” my brilliant son said.

AWARD GIVEN:  Full Speed has earned the Super Star Award for showing incredible and accurate insight on the fly.  He also received several bonus rounds of hugs and kisses from his Mom.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention Mad Dog.  First, it is relevant for you to know that I hate our computer printer.  Not just kind of dislike it, but actually hate it.  It is temperamental, touchy and unreliable and has been so for years.  As I had yet another glitchy, unsuccessful encounter with our printer, I tried to convey to my husband that it is TIME to get a new one.  He said that I should be happy that he isn’t willing to throw in the towel on something just because it’s been around a long time.  He said I should be glad that he isn’t quick to replace it with a newer, younger model.

AWARD GIVEN:  Mad Dog has earned the Most All-Around Exasperating Yet Endearingly Charming Award.

That’s it, that’s all I got.  I’m too old like my printer to write any more.

1 thought on “And the Award Goes to….”

  1. Favorite post, girl! I love it. How lucky are you to have a son who is awesome at EVERYTHING?? And I can relate to the math thingy. After 4th grade math “I’m out!” I’ve always said. My two oldest love math. Well good for them.

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