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The Stairs Hurt

ry=400-1As T.Puzzle has attempted to gain mastery over his two-wheel bicycle, it is sometimes a losing battle.  Coupled with getting regularly pounded by players twice his size in his U10 soccer league, this boy has taken quite a beating over the past few weeks.  I’ve become accustomed to hearing his wails of pain.  So, when I heard him cry out after a tussle with the stairs, I sprang into my usual action.  I scooped him up, held him and let the tirade of tears unleash.

“What happened?” I asked.

T.Puzzle’s response was choked with pain.  “Well, I was going down the stairs on my stomach and each step that hit my stomach hurt it worse and worse.”

How does one respond to that?

I didn’t have a logical response so I calmly walked away, went up the stairs using my FEET and hid my exasperated chuckle from him.

Turns out, feet really are the way to go when using the stairs.

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