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Summer Lessons

This is my first post after an unofficial break.  I needed to decide if I should continue or if this blog had run its course.  After consulting my massive fan base, all two of you, I decided to carry on. Thanks for continuing to care, to read and to show up for me.   My readers are a huge reason I will keep showing up for this blog.

This summer blasted by faster than a Floridian thunder storm.  I no sooner got us into a great little routine and then I had to chuck it all in to get the boys ready for 2nd and 4th grade.  We had many adventures and a few mishaps.  Overall, I truly enjoyed my summer with the boys.  I was sad to see it end so quickly.

This is what I learned…

1.  Don’t try to be too deep with your seven-year old.

Here is an exchange I had with T.Puzzle at the beginning of summer.  I was clearly outmaneuvered.

Me:  “Do you know what I love the most about you?”  (the response is supposed to be ‘Everything’)

T.Puzzle:  “My armpits?”

He then went on to argue if I truly do love everything about him, then that means I must love his armpits, too.

2.  My fantasy of family game night continues to be a bust.  For some reason, I can’t let it go.  I keep trying and trying.  All three of my boys are WAY too competitive so we end up with STINKY FACES,






and, eventually, I recruit my dog to play because he is the only one capable of maintaining a CHILL attitude.


3.  Raising a family will never be a perfect science.  Things rarely go the way you picture them in your mind.  Just roll the dice and try to have fun in the process.

Have a great school year Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Summer Lessons”

  1. Really glad that I’ve found your blog. This post made me chuckle. I have 2 boys too (a 6 year old and a 6 month old). I’ve also been trying games night – my 6 year old has been SUPER enthusiastic but also SUPER competitive! Looking forward to reading more :0)

    1. Super competitive is a great quality for success in life, but it is a hard trait to manage in a child. I’m glad you found my blog and were able to smile. Smiling is certainly better than the alternative. Good luck!

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