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The Naked Truth


T.Puzzle has a new friend in our subdivision.  He waited to greet us as the boys and I walked home from school.  His Mom introduced herself and we discussed having this friend over to our house to play.  It all was great.  I asked where in the subdivision they lived and I pointed out our home at the end of the cul-de-sac.

“I already knew that!” the friend piped in.  “I saw T.Puzzle and Full Speed there on Halloween night!  Full Speed was naked!”

I thought about that a moment and said, “He must have been in his pjs.  He just wears shorts to bed.”

“Yes, his chest was naked!”

His Mom said, “That’s what you wear to bed, too.  The shorts you have on now are usually the shorts you end up wearing to bed.”

As an act of joining in on our community conversation, T.Puzzle marches up to his friend’s Mom and announces,

“My Dad sleeps naked!”

Naturally embarrassed I stammered, “Sorry about the accurate yet totally inappropriate TMI.”

She did not miss a beat, “I’ll make sure we ring the doorbell before we come in.”

And that…, is how you make new friends in the neighborhood!

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