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Beating the System

Recently, I’ve taken a more laissez-faire approach to parenting.  I’m trying to instill personal responsibility in my boys.  For instance, they need to make their beds each day, and if they don’t, they will get an earlier bedtime.  I don’t fuss about it, it just is.  Either you want the later bedtime or you don’t.  Your bed will show me.

Full Speed decided to bypass this system.  When Mad Dog and I turn in for the night, it is part of Mad Dog’s ritual to check on the boys and make sure they are tucked in and comfortably asleep.  What did he find?  Full Speed lying on top of his perfectly made bed curled in a little ball for warmth.  You technically never have to make your bed if you never use it.  Nice try, but get yourself under those covers.

reenactment of what it looks like to sleep on top of covers
reenactment of what it looks like to sleep on top of covers

Where does this slyness come from you may wonder?  Well, as I walked into my formal living room, what caught my eye but this nifty little piece of decorating…

Buckeye Shoes, REALLY??
Buckeye Shoes, REALLY??

When I agreed to letting more Buckeye memorabilia creep into the corners of our home, I’m pretty sure gym shoes were not anywhere on my radar.  But technically, I never said out loud, “Please, no athletic shoes as part of the decor.”




3 thoughts on “Beating the System”

  1. Diana, I can so understand your boys logic 🙂 Although not thinking about getting cold during the night filled to put on sweats 🙂 Keep your chin up! You are doing a great job!! Your Mom would be so proud 🙂 Love, Thelma

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