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The Truth Be Told

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T.Puzzle has been quite sick with a bad cold.  He is finally much better.  Full Speed and I gauge his health status by how much he annoys Full Speed.  We knew he was really sick when he had zero energy to needle his older brother.  Those were worrisome days.  He’s now back to full-on annoyance mode so we are pretty sure he’s in fine health.

Over the course of T.Puzzle’s illness we have watched a lot of sports.  I’m still beyond excited that the Chicago Cubs are so awesome again this season.  It is something my boys and I actually want to watch together.

Sometimes, when my favorite player is up or on a commercial, I’ll pause the television and pretend he’s talking to me (forgive me, I’ve been homebound with a sick kid for days and days, my judgment is questionable at best).  T.Puzzle finds this a curious thing.

“Mom, if you weren’t married to Dad, would you marry Anthony Rizzo?”

“Well, T.Puzzle, he’s a little bit too young for me.”

Full Speed, never one to be left out declares, “I’ll say!”

T.Puzzle asks, “How much older are you than him, Mom?”

Full Speed responds without missing a beat, “Sixty-four years!”

Me:  “What?!?”

Full Speed:  “I meant Sixty-FIVE!”

While I hold some truths to be self evident, is it really necessary to declare them all out loud?

I should hope not.



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