Where Sentimentality Goes to Die

There’s something about the holiday season that makes me nostalgic.  I was feeling especially this way as I prepared for T.Puzzle’s final classroom party to close out 2016. Once he hits fifth grade next school year, no parents allowed.  While I am not a fan of noisy, crowded classrooms, I am a fan of T.Puzzle.  I made the most out of this last hurrah and the party was a roaring success (thanks to some fantastic room moms and T.Puzzle’s awesome teacher).

As I left school grounds that day, I was overcome with memories.  The closer I got to the exit, the younger the students became.  Seeing the kindergarten hall and their haphazard decorations lining the way, reminded me of when Full Speed and T.Puzzle began their academic journey here.  Hard to believe Full Speed is closing in on the last few months of his time at this school (K-6).

T.Puzzle helps Full Speed get ready for the first day of kindergarten. August 2010
T.Puzzle beams on his first day of kindergarten. August 2012

That night at dinner as I sat down to eat with my boys, I shared a little of what I was feeling.  Being that they are boys, I know I have to temper some of what I say.  If I said every feeling thought I had, they would likely avoid me like the plague.

Me:  “Full Speed, how do you feel about moving to middle school next year?  I’m excited for you but I’m sad that you are leaving elementary school.  Your school is so great and it’s been such a good fit for you and T.Puzzle.”

Full Speed:  “I’m ready to move on and looking forward to the change.”

Me:  “Do you both realize that after this year is over, you boys won’t be in the same school again until Full Speed is a junior in high school?”

My heart caught in my throat a little as this realization began to sink in.  I love having them at the same school.  This school is all we’ve ever known.  I’m not ready.  I’m certain I’ll never be ready for a change of this magnitude.

Me:  “How do you boys feel about that?”

T.Puzzle raises his arms over his head and brings them sharply into his body at a right angle while shouting “CHA-CHING!!!!!”

Yeah, I think the boys are going to be just fine, don’t you?


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