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No Lie (Part Two)

At breakfast we discussed T.Puzzle’s prospects of winning top honors for his class speech.  I know it seems like a stretch if you recall the topics he considered as a theme (see No Lie).  Much to my relief, he went with a speech about our two dogs.  He did a great job overall and I promised if he made the top 5 of his class (which he did!), I’d post the speech here in its entirety.  I kept our dogs names unchanged because it seemed more awesome that way.

Max and Nora

Do you have dogs that wrestle each other? Well I do. Their names are Max and Nora. I’ll talk about how my family got them, about Max, and about Nora. Let me explain a little further.                   

First, my family got Max when I outgrew my allergies to our old dog Kisses. My family wanted to get Kisses back. So, we had to go to my Grandma’s house. We got Max too because he was also there. My family got Nora a year after Kisses passed. My mom was looking for a new dog on a website. It took a while but my mom finally found Nora. She came to our house and we decided to adopt her there because she was perfect.                                                                      

Next, I’ll talk about Max. Max has black and a little white fur. He weighs about ten pounds and is 14 years old. Max is also a Shih Tzu that has a mustache. Max sleeps a lot and loves to follow my mom around everywhere. The only time Max plays is when my dad gets home from work, but when he does Nora gets mad and usually runs him over. Max is super happy to go on a walk. His little tail wags up in the air. If Nora gets too close he will bark or sometimes bite Nora. One thing Max always does is sit on the top of our couch that looks out the front window. He will bark crazily at squirrels or lizards. Max also recognizes my mom’s car when it pulls in the driveway. He will whimper very loud when he sees it. One time I made a scary movie trailer about Max so he is a movie star.  Despite him being famous, he still loves my mom. Max always makes my family laugh when his face looks crazy after a nap.                     

Lastly, I’ll talk about Nora. Nora is a King Charles Cavalier/Bichon mix. She has white fur and some brown spots. Nora weighs eighteen pounds. She doesn’t like thunderstorms and she doesn’t do well in cars. Nora can be a spaz sometimes. She will wag her tail furiously at random dogs or people. She will also run like crazy and make weird noises. Nora also barks at the TV in my house. Nora can eat very fast and she will steal Max’s food. Whenever someone comes to my house, Nora will run and jump on them. One time Nora ripped an ear off a Yoda chew toy. My dad had to bring Nora to the vet, but Nora threw up the ear in his truck and was fine.  My dad was mad but not for long because Nora always throws up in his truck.  Nora is awesome because she always greets me when I get home from school.  On a scale of one to ten, she is over nine thousand. 

In conclusion, I have two amazing dogs. I talked about how my family got them, about Max, and about Nora. So, do you have dogs that sometimes act like they’re in the WWE?   

I told you it was awesome!

And, yes, I’m completely objective.

19 thoughts on “No Lie (Part Two)”

  1. Love the backstory on Nora and Max. Chloe loves petting them. They are the best dogs we see on our walks….I now will not pass them without imagining them in little WWE capes and masks. 😍

  2. What a great story about 2 loving dogs that complete your family. I have a vivid picture of each of them based on your creative detail. I would love to see this WWE video as well:) Well Done TPuzzle!

    1. I will make sure to share with him when he gets home from school. I, too, was impressed with his details. This is the best piece of writing he has done to date.

  3. I too can picture these lovables, Max and Nora ❤ With I was closer to enjoy them in person. Dad will need to start carrying barf bags in the truck, then Nora may klike traveling better when she knows they are available!!!!

  4. I enjoyed the descriptions of each dog and how they act with each other and the rest of the family. Keatons observations of his pets were very perceptive. Great job, Keaton!

  5. Loved Keaton’s speech!! He did a fantastic job describing Nora and Max. I feel like he makes his listeners truly understand and know them both. Enjoyed reading!! Keep up the great work Keaton!

    1. Thank you so much! All this wonderful support has really bolstered him. I love how quickly kids bounce back. Thank you for taking the time to read his speech and to make a comment.

  6. Keaton, I loved this story. I have never met Nora and Max but you made me feel like I knew them.

    You are talented writer and storyteller like your mom.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I will be sure to tell him. This is the first time he has shown a real flair with words. I think because he loved the main players of his story so much. He made this mama writer proud!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, having pets can be circus-like some days! I knew animal lovers would appreciate the heart he put into describing our dogs. Pets mean the world to us!

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