Full Speed had generously offered to read a short story I had written.  I am currently taking a creative writing class and had an 1,000 word short story due.

He expressed his enjoyment of the story and gave me helpful feedback.  That night, he announced to Mad Dog and T.Puzzle that I was ‘a talented writer’ and he liked my story ‘very much’.

He was soooo cute when he said it.  I believe he meant it too.

At least he thought he did.

Unfortunately, I think he may have ‘mommed’ me.  Momming is when you lose your ability to objectively evaluate something a love one does, and think everything they do is extraordinary perfection.

For instance, for years I hung a painting of Full Speed’s in my kitchen.  In my opinion, it showed the promise of a young Picasso.

In truth, it was a finger-painted mish-mosh that only a mother could love.



So, how exactly do I evaluate my abilities as a writer, then?

I am not exactly sure, but it helps if you have some ‘fans’ that love and support all you do.

The love and support flows both ways, my amazing, perfect, incredibly handsome sons.

I mean it.

I really do.




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