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Black Belt Mommy

Here’s a few things you should know about Mad Dog.  He’s handsome, incredibly smart, generous and he works a lot of hours.  For him long work days are like that he has brown eyes.  They are simply a part of who he is. 

As I mentioned earlier, he is also an incredibly smart man.  He knows that raising two boys, especially the two that I have, is quite a challenge.  Since he isn’t available to help out more, he has always encouraged me to enlist the help of babysitters.

I hit the jackpot last year when my hair stylist offered up to help me with the boys on her free days.  I was surprised because I had shared honestly about my boys and she volunteered to help me anyway.  She finds their extreme energy and strong personalities adorable.  She joined in the routine quickly and has been a tremendous help with the boys and especially  karate.  If you’ve noticed, there have been much less posts about traumatic incidents at karate since she’s joined the ranks about a year ago.

Quite frankly, I owe it all to this sitter.  She is a lifesaver.

Now, her lifesaving efforts will soon be over.  She starts a new job, will have less free days and won’t be able to lend a hand during the week. 

Unless they award black belts to stressed out Moms for their wine consumption, I don’t see how this will end anything but badly…!

Fortunately, with boys as awesome as mine, I can get through anything stone cold sober and with great aplomb. Well, maybe not entirely. Does aplomb have a sarcastic variety?
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All Things Equal

All things are equal in a the life of a boy.  Helping out at an organization that serves the homeless population is as exciting as playing a dinosaur video game after a family movie.

I am trying so hard to teach my boys gratitude for what they have and foster a spirit of giving to help those less fortunate.  As I took a step back and watched the boys interact with the volunteers and the patrons of the wonderful organization we donated our time and items to, they treated everyone the same.  They were as excited to meet my friend who volunteers there as they were to hand out candy canes to the homeless in the waiting area.  They brought a current of excitement to every corner of that place.

Full Speed and T.Puzzle help sort and organize the clothes we donated.
Helping my friend hand out candy canes and spreading good cheer.

This same excitement carried through the rest of our day.  They boisterously enjoyed our afternoon movie of ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin‘.  They even took the dino hunting video game in the theater lobby to a whole new level of player concentration.

Dino hunting!

It’s possible that they didn’t fully appreciate our morning visit to the homeless organization.  Maybe that isn’t the point.  I think I learned more by watching them stay fully committed to each moment of their day no matter what it looked like.  They treated everyone and every situation of the day exactly the same.

All things and all people really are equal to them.

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Off to the Races

Everything is not a race.  Could someone please, please tell this to my boys?

They race to the breakfast table, to the store and to the post office.  They race each other, they race me (even when I’m not actually racing them) and they race their toys.  On particularly frightening days, they attempt to race through parking lots (my least favorite kind of racing).

Frankly, I’m worn out. 

Why can’t they race to see who will be the best behaved, most complimentary to Mom or finish their brocoli first?

At this rate the only thing I’m racing towards is old age.

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Have Smack-Down, Will Travel

Table football (Bonzini style table).
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We were at the gym as a family.  Even though Full Speed grumbled over having to go to the kids’ zone it was still a mostly successful outing.  As we were wrapping things up to head to lunch, Mad Dog received a work call.  While he was resolving the issue at hand, I grabbed the boys and headed to the foosball table in the gym’s common area.   The game between the boys started off nicely enough and then their competitive spirit had things heading south in a hurry.  A physical altercation was brewing and I saw some karate chops to the head in T.Puzzle’s near future. When Mad Dog was finally able to join us he made the snap decision that we needed to get out of there fast.  I didn’t see the hurry because my boys are going to be crazy no matter where they are.  Foosball table or not, smack-downs will happen.  Mad Dog completely agreed with me (smart man).  However, he thought it was best to relocate to a place where nobody would recognize us.

Good call.

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Long Questions about Short Arms

Full Speed and T.Puzzle catching up on some dino-facts.

In our home the questions are relentless.  When I’m about to eat a nice brunch at a lovely dining establishment I don’t really want to ponder why carnivorous dinosaurs have tiny arms.  Yes, meat-eating dinosaurs can be quite large and yes, some of these have oddly sized chicken arms.  Do I need to discuss this at length?  No.  Do I even know that much about dinosaurs?  Not really.  Should I consider pursuing an advanced degree in paleontology?  To save my sanity probably yes.  Once we all were seated at the lovely dining establishment and about to peruse our menus, Full Speed says, “Mom, Mom, Mom!”  He’s holding a miniature plastic dinosaur in his hand as he attempted to grab my attention.

“Hold it right there, Full Speed.  Didn’t I already tell you that I addressed the short-armed meat-eating dinosaur situation?  I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Full Speed bravely proceeds and says, “Yes, I know but I’m not talking about that anymore.  I’m talking about the PLANT-eating dinosaur.  See?  His arms are super short, too.”