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The Informant

By the later afternoon, little T.Puzzle understood the necessity of keeping his eye shield in place. He also realized that he could make his way in the world without his glasses. It wasn’t ideal, but he could manage.

However, as bedtime approached he was adamant that he didn’t want to wear the shield to bed. Well, too bad because it’s doctor’s orders.

I turned to my greatest ally.

“Full Speed, make sure little T.Puzzle keeps his shield on at bedtime and through the night. You let Mom and Dad know if he tries to take it off.”

In this instance, it helps tremendously to have a big brother willing to rat his little brother out over the slightest infraction.

Full Speed shows T.Puzzle who’s in charge in a wrestling match a few weeks ago.

“Yes, ma’am!” Full Speed replied.

Full Speed was as good as his word and little T.Puzzle kept that shield in place all night.

One night down, several more to go.

With Full Speed on my side, I know we can do it!

children, eyesight, gratitude, mommyhood, surgery


Little T.Puzzle plays with his portable Thomas track from Grandma in the waiting area.
Little T.Puzzle is confounded by the dot that marks his eye prepped for surgery.
The ride home after many tears and frustration over having to wear his eye shield.
Little T.Puzzle glares at me as I yet again admonish him from removing his eye shield. Once he ate some food, he was more compliant but his anger is still bubbling just under the surface.

Little T.Puzzle’s lens removal went smoothly. His recovery, not so much. He is younger then when his big brother went through this process and therefore it is harder for him to comprehend why he has to wear that pesky eye shield. He’s really mad, too, because his glasses won’t fit over it. I think he is experiencing more pain as well. He had more stray ‘strands’ surrounding the lense that had to be removed. The good news is that the lens  removal may help center his pupils. They are slightly off-center due to his ectopia lentis.

He is a trooper and I know tomorrow will be so much better.

children, eyesight, mommyhood, surgery

Eye Know

Our day was a success. Full Speed had his best eye test to date and little T.Puzzle has the greenlight for his lens removal surgery for his left eye.

I also uncovered the secret to getting exceptional behavior from little T.Puzzle. Simply send his big brother to spend the night over at Grandma’s. Little T.Puzzle is relishing the spotlight without his brother’s extremely strong presence to shift my focus. Of course I am being overly attentive to his every move, need and breath. I guess that’s what a pending surgery for your youngest kid will do to a mom.

I have a good feeling about it all. Then again, having seen his big brother attain 20/40 vision in his stronger eye (20/50 in his other eye!) when he was initially considered legally blind, I know anything is possible.

Possibilities are what will get us through this. For that I am certain.

Good luck, little T.Puzzle. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery!

I will post updates when I am able. Wish us luck!

children, eyesight, health, surgery

Times Two

Full Speed knows something is up. Little T.Puzzle’s first surgery is tomorrow and the air in the house is soaked in anxiety (mainly mine).

I’m taking both boys to the eye doctor this morning. As I picked out little T.Puzzle’s regulatory Thomas shirt for him to wear, Full Speed said he wanted to wear the same.

He never says that anymore. I think it’s his way of showing support for his little brother.

Maybe we’ll make it through after all….

Two is better than one
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Ladies’ Man

Our doctor graciously agreed to perform Full Speed’s second surgery on a Friday. This meant that she would have to meet us at the Children’s Clinic on a Saturday for a follow-up. Since the clinic is technically closed on Saturday, we had to have the security guard let us in, the lights were out in the building and we had to go in a back way through a maze of offices.

Full Speed’s follow-up was good. He struggled a little because his eye was sensitive to light as it is still dilated from all the drops from yesterday’s surgery. He was uncomfortable and that was obvious.

We are currently waiting for his new prescription to come in and hoping we get it sometime next week. To get him adequate vision to function in the meantime, the doctor put in an extended-wear contact in his right eye while he continues to wear a protective shield over his left. He struggled through the contact process. He fidgeted and would flinch almost every time the contact was nearly in place. We tried it with him seated, then lying down and then finally seated again. I marveled at how challenging it was for even the doctor to get a contact on him. How I managed to change them in and out when we tried them before is quite miraculous.

Eventually, the contact was in place and we were given clearance to go home. Before we left, the doctor hands us two spare contacts in case he loses the one in his right eye. Mad Dog and I are astonished at this. When Full Speed had contacts ordered before, we had to wait over a month for them to come in because they were so highly specialized. Once we had them, we were only allowed one pair so when we lost one, we were out of luck. With his new prescription, the Children’s Clinic came up with a contact for him in a day and gave us two spares no problem. It is surreal being in the world of the normal range prescription. We are so thankful.

As we go down the stairs to the parking lot, Full Speed holds the doc’s hand. They have hit it off tremendously and it seems like a perfectly natural gesture. As we pull out from the parking garage, Full Speed tells us again that the doctor is his girlfriend. He then goes on to list all of his lady friends. After the doctor it’s our babysitter, then two girls from his class and last but not least, his Mom. It’s an honor just being nominated really.