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I Spy

I am trying very hard to get my house back in order after all the visitors. This morning I was clearing floors and decided to put T.Puzzle’s new Thomas the Train track on our dining room table. Per our morning routine (as we are extremely routine oriented here), the boys were dressed, fed and had their teeth brushed. If this goes smoothly it allows time for a cartoon viewing before school. I use that time to sneak back upstairs and change out of my pajamas and occasionally focus on my personal hygiene. I do mean occasionally. When I come back downstairs what do I find but this:

Oh, well.

After the boys are dropped at school and my morning workout is complete, I take a few minutes to phone my sister. She is getting back in the routine of her everyday life and so am I. We both agreed seeing each other helped our hearts tremendously and maybe we will survive this first Christmas without our Mom after all.

I told her Mad Dog is traveling and that overall the boys and I are doing well. She told me to thank Mad Dog for all he did to make the trip to Florida happen and all the other ways that he was generous to her family. I told her I would but when he is traveling, I rarely get a chance to speak to him. He is usually incredibly busy and often times meets with colleagues for dinners out at night. I told her it’s hard sometimes to hear that he is on his way out as I am in the lonely process of shutting my house down and tucking the boys in bed for the night. She said that she understood.

“It’s probably hard to think of Mad Dog eating steak when you are at home eating chicken nuggets with the boys,” she said.

“How did you know I had chicken nuggets last night (I really did!)? Did you put cameras in my house while you were here?” I asked.

This made both of us of laugh. Of course a Mom would eat chicken nuggets. It’s just what we do.

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Christmas Wishes

Mad Dog’s car is finally fixed. It was a bum battery. It was a lengthy process but eventually he has a new battery free of charge because of his vehicle’s warranty. I’m so glad it was the battery and not operator error. I never would have lived it down if I had in any way caused harm to his beloved convertible.

While Mad Dog was tackling the car problem, I took Skee, my nieces, Soccer Girl and Sparkle, along with Baby D to the spa for some mani/pedis. The girls were so, so cute and Baby D was surprisingly cooperative. He sat on Skee’s lap while she had her pedicure and was an angel. I’m glad it was such a success and that the girls seemed happy with their freshly painted nails.

To cap off the day, when we picked up the boys from school, we headed to the same studio where we had our recent family portrait sitting. There was a Christmas special where Santa comes and has a personal visit with your family for pictures and stuff. Up to this point, Baby D has been very attached to Skee and cries whenever I hold him (he has since warmed up to me considerably). However, when Santa came, Baby D sat in awe and smiled like a champ. He was completely mesmerized by the man in the red suit. It was the cutest thing and yet, it hurt my ego just a tad. He won’t let his dear old aunt hold him but a stranger with a pot-belly and white beard is perfectly acceptable. Oh, well.

When it was Full Speed’s turn to tell Santa his Christmas wishes it went something like this: guns and swords. You know, peace on earth and all that.

I am having a wonderful time with my sister and her family. Seems like Santa already cared for my wish.

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Look Ma, No Bag!

Full Speed was reluctant to leave the custody of Grandma and the company of B Squared and Lil’ Superman (his cousins). Mad Dog went to pick him up so he could go to the Junior’s class at Tae Kwon Do. Normally, he goes to Tiny Tigers because that’s the class he can attend with his brother. Since our schedule is so shifted because of family and the holiday, we let him go to the older class to at least get a lesson in this week.

After he was picked up, Full Speed was feeling mopey and unmotivated. “Dad, I can’t go to Tae Kwon Do, I have a little bit of a cold (he obviously has heard us discussing his little brother’s recent ailments).”

Mad Dog replied, “Well, that’s too bad because you’ll have to go home and go straight to bed. I guess you won’t be able to meet your cousins at Box Seats (I know, I really need to invest in some shares of that place) after practice.”

Full Speed says, “Hmmm, I guess I’m feeling better. I think I can go, Dad (way to rally little man!).”

The class was good. It challenges Full Speed a lot more than Tiny Tigers but some of the content, well, okay a lot of the content was over his head. He had a good time though.

We head to the beloved (by the boys, NOT me) Box Seats and the boys set out to play arcade games and eat fries with their cousins. It goes smoothly until the end when T.Puzzle announces he has pooped. I have to take him out to our truck where all the changing supplies are located. I have been resisting taking my diaper bag everywhere because it is tedious and cumbersome. It is my way of rebelling against the constraints of motherhood. I can’t tell you how freeing it feels to walk into a restaurant, store or doctor’s office with only my kids and a tiny purse in tow. Obviously, the consequence is I have to take T.Puzzle to the truck on the off-chance he poops. To me, it’s worth the gamble.

So, it’s a long, drawn-out process to clean him up but I do. After I tie up the diaper in a plastic bag and sanitize my hands I realize there isn’t an outside garbage can I can use. I decide to leave the bag on the back bumper of the truck because I don’t know how long we will be and I don’t want my truck to house the bag’s noxious fumes. I extract T.Puzzle from the back of the truck, put the bag on the ledge and swing the rear hatch down. As the hatch passes the bag of poopy diaper, it sort of sucks it up in a whoosh of air and catches it in the corner as it slams shut. The bag pops, and the dirty diaper shoots out and plops to the ground. Yuck. I have to open the hatch again, get another bag, scoop up the gross remains and then sanitize my hands all over again. And you know what? I still have no regrets. Here’s to all the Moms leaving their diaper bags at home. May your shoulders be light and your kids poop-free!

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Hey, Gorgeous!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (okay, more like Happy Thanksgiving All Twelve of My Loyal Readers!).

T.Puzzle woke up with a little sniffle and a sneeze. In good German form I said, “Gesunheidt!” (That’s a shout out to my Mom’s heritage).

“Thank you, Mommy,” T.Puzzle replies.

Full Speed throws in his two cents. “T.Puzzle, when Mommy blesses you, you should say, ‘Thanks, gorgeous’!”

“What did you say, Full Speed?” I ask.

“Thanks, gorgeous!”

“Where did you hear that from?” I wonder. Inside I’m secretly smiling. I know that in a ponytail and sweats I am far from gorgeous. Tired maybe, gorgeous no. I love that in the eyes of my five year old a Mom looks gorgeous no matter what.

“I don’t know, I guess I just made it up,” is his practical reply.

Today I am thankful for a son who thinks I’m ‘gorgeous’ and am hoping my readers are spending time with people who think the same of them.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gorgeous!


My Happy Color

cute boysI start my day off on the wrong foot. Mad Dog has managed to play the sick card (upset stomach) and I have to get up with the boys. It’s the weekend; I’m supposed to get a break!! I grump my way through the morning and when Mad Dog makes an appearance I make an announcement. I am going to go out on a limb and allot myself a whole thirty minutes to shower (I’m actually washing and drying my hair) and I would like it to be an entirely solitary endeavor. I don’t want any wandering children invading my privacy. Mad Dog agrees but says I better lock my bedroom AND bathroom door for though prying hands may be little, they are persistent.

I also, and not very nicely, inform Mad Dog that while I’ll in fact attend Tae Kwon Do class, phrases like, ‘I can’t find it’, ‘I don’t know how to do that’, and ‘whose uniform is this anyway?’ cannot escape his lips. Told you I was crabby.

My point is that Mad Dog take on some of the ‘joy’ of preparing two, rambunctious boys for their Tae Kwon Do practice. My timing was awful. As soon as I am ready, I come downstairs to find a mess of uniforms and belts. To his credit, Mad Dog had changed T.Puzzle’s dirty diaper, made sure Full Speed had used the bathroom, had given the boys a snack and had the diaper bag ready (per my instruction). So, he got a good portion of the insane process complete (job well done!). I was left to the intricacies of the uniforms and belts.

The boys were outstanding at class. Yes, after six months of attendance, I can finally say that. Six long, harrowing months of attendance. We went to Sonic for lunch afterwards which is so much fun in a convertible on a beautiful, Florida day. The boys were messy but content.

We had them play outside for awhile when we returned home. Then during their quiet/nap time we had a sales appointment about getting our house painted. This paint has ceramic elements and is supposed to withstand Florida heat and rain remarkably well (salesman’s words, not mine). Mad Dog and I perused the colors and I wished the one named ‘White Wine’ was more to our liking. It would have been like my own, private, Mommyhood-coping joke. Every time I would pull into the driveway of our newly painted house, I would see the color and the image of it’s name would melt my stress away.


Anyway, it turned into a long, drawn-out sales pitch and the estimate was astounding (and not in the good way). When the salesman left and Mad Dog closed the door behind him, I said “I suppose our children don’t really need to go to college.” Looks like we will be making a visit to Home Depot to get some ‘estimates’ on gallons of regular, ceramic-less paint. The good news is; the liquor store is right across the parking lot.