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Chair Diving

What’s a Mom to do to entertain her youngest while her older child attends a soccer camp?



Art projects?

Been there, done that.

T.Puzzle has since moved on to chair diving.

On the bright side, no furniture, glasses or limbs were broken during the filming of this video:

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The Guru of Calm

This is T.Puzzle the morning after his second eye surgery playing calmly with his brother:

As you can tell, it’s a super easy to keep him calm and collected as his eyes are healing. ¬†And Full Speed really does his part to keep T.Puzzle calm, too.

If you ever need tips on how to quiet down the chaos in your life, clearly I am your guru on such matters.

You’re welcome.

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Kung Fu Splashing

Mad Dog and I took the boys to our amenity center pool. It has this great sprinkler area that the boys love. It is a nice way to stay cool as the boys burn through some energy.

The boys had a blast. They ran, they jumped, they splashed and they tackled. Mad Dog and I encouraged it all (except for the tackling). We were the only family in the sprinkler area all the way up until it was time to leave. As soon as we start packing it up, a mom with a small, defenseless toddler girl makes a beeline to the sprinklers. It was pretty obvious that she had been waiting in the wings for my wild boys to leave.

What can I say? That lady was one smart momma.

The boys attack the sprinklers summer 2009.
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The Loooong Weekend

At the start of the long weekend Mad Dog said, “Are you ready to have three vacation days in a row?”

Not exactly.

For me the long holiday weekend means that I have to keep my boys occupied and active for three straight days. In the mornings we hit the ground running and it doesn’t stop until their bedtime (which thankfully, they are great about). I’m not complaining but let’s call a spade a spade. If I really were to have three vacation days in a row, you would find me at a spa under an assumed name where no one could reach me.

So, Mad Dog and I diligently planned numerous outings and activities for them (it certainly helped when Grandma and Grandpa took them to see Shrek). We took them to the gym (they love the play area there), we had friends over, we played tickle monster and hide and seek, and they played computer games, trains and car chase. To top that off, we interspersed our outings and games with the occasional movie viewing at home. On the third day we attended a very active outdoor festival and by four o’clock, we all had hit a wall. Even though Mad Dog and I were bumping up against exhaustion, we still needed to occupy the boys until bedtime which we seriously considered moving to 5:30 (I even threw out 5:15).

While Mad Dog prepared dinner (thank you, Mad Dog), I showered the boys and then we all sat down to eat. By the time it was over, we still had hours until bedtime. Meltdowns were popping up, patience was being tested and frankly, I was ready to leave for my real vacation.