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Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

I want little T.Puzzle to be completely potty-trained. I want Full Speed to ride his bike without training wheels. I would like world peace, extraordinary culinary skills and a personal butler named Gerard. None of these things are happening. The potty thing just isn’t clicking for T.Puzzle and Full Speed is as uninterested as can be about losing the training wheels.

This frustrates me beyond all measure. I take it personally if little T.Puzzle has a messy accident. It hurts me that I can’t teach Full Speed this new life skill of two-wheel bike riding.

Since I can’t change how things are, all I can do is change my perspective, right? Will it matter in five years when exactly they master these milestones?


Not one little bit.

So, to recap, T.Puzzle’s back in pull-ups and Full Speed’s riding lessons have been postponed indefinitely.

I feel better already.