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I was having a moment.  I had been cruising through the week and then, I wasn’t.  Mad Dog has been gone for over a week and won’t get back for a few more days.

I have no reason to complain.  My boys are older and they are about a thousand percent easier to manage compared to when they were small.  We also do lots of fun stuff together like special dinners out and movie marathons.  It isn’t perfect but it works.

However, we all miss Mad Dog and after a while, this feeling of missing him creeps over us and then it’s harder to be our best selves.

Yesterday, as I tried to order Full Speed’s track uniform (yay! He made the track team!  So what if all he had to do was show up, basically, he made the team at ‘hello’, still….he made the commitment to be on a team…woo-hoo!), I lost it.  Why? Part of it was that it was about my one-hundredth action item of the day, and the other part was that Full Speed is one of the hardest kids in the world to find clothes that fit properly.  I can’t explain it but he always seems to fall in between regular sizing.  I had stared at the computer screen completely flummoxed as to what size to purchase when I finally pulled the trigger.  As I printed out the receipt I realized after all that agonizing, I had ordered the wrong size!  Yes, in the grand scheme of life it is no big deal, but it felt really big right then and I started to cry.

Full Speed came over to me, put his arm around my shoulders and said:

“It’s okay, Mom.  Everyone makes mistakes.  I just appreciate you buying the uniform for me.  I know you miss, Dad, too.  Because you miss him that’s probably really why you are upset. I understand.”

I had to admit, the kid made some good points.

Then, it dawned on me…I got ‘mommed’.

He basically said every exact thing I would say to him if the tables were turned.

I’m grateful he had the empathy to comfort me.  Nice that some of what I say to him sticks.

Today was better.

Here I will share a photographic art installation which symbolizes how well I am managing.

Thankfully, Little Guy waived all modeling fees.

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Diamond Days

Maybe I’m not in the greatest mood.  Maybe things haven’t gone exactly my way this week.  Maybe Mad Dog is traveling and Full Speed and T.Puzzle brought their full court press tonight.

Maybe I need to write about something that makes me smile before my mood gets to the point of no return.  Or I could just post this:

Maybe I need to admit that not every day or every week is a diamond.   Maybe tomorrow or the next day will be better and be exactly what I need.  Or maybe, just maybe, what I have right here, right now, even though it feels kind of weighted and difficult, is exactly what I need because I might just learn something.

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The Sick Card

I know that motherhood is not always a cake-walk. You have to suffer through the bad to get to the good stuff. My challenge today is that as of lately with little T.Puzzle, there only seems to be a whole lot of suffering (for him and for me) and very little good. He has been sick on and off since Thanksgiving. I’m keeping him home again from school hoping this will help get him back on track. He is clearly feeling surly. The only thing that consistently is keeping him happy are DVDs of Thomas the Train. If he is not watching Thomas he is mad, defiant and dropping level 9 tantrums all over the place.

I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be extra patient and not fight him on every behavioral misdeed (which I normally do, just ask Full Speed). At what point does the sick card lose its validity? Now I have a feeling that since I have given him an inch behaviorally, he has taken a mile, a town, a city and possibly the whole state of Florida.

The only thing I know for certain is that when this kid is 100% healthy, he best prepare himself for some serious attitude readjustment courtesy of his mother.

Get well soon.

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Oh, Stupid Day!

I had every intent of writing a hilarious and detailed account of the boys adventures from yesterday. However, I was sidetracked because Mad Dog’s car, which I am driving today, decided to quit working while it was parked at the Super Target loaded to the gills with groceries and goods.

Tomorrow, I will give you all the deets on a day that seems to get more stupid as it proceeds. On the plus side, Mad Dog is an amazingly cool problem-solver, I had fun with T.Puzzle in the Target café’ and my sister, Skee, comes in for a visit. The only way is up!