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The Goal is LOVE (Happy New Year)

When I began this blog, I didn’t really have any big goals.  I was still grieving the profound loss of my mom, which does and doesn’t get easier, and coping with raising two rambunctious boys.  I started writesforallmommies on a whim and it became a great coping mechanism for me.  It allowed me to connect with others in a way that my very introverted personality sometimes doesn’t allow.

Through the years, I have had posts that click with a reader, friend or relative.  That is the best feeling in the world.  To know that something I wrote resonated and hopefully made them feel less alone.  Let’s be honest, raising children (or life in general) can be very isolating.  We feel judged as much as we judge.  We question ourselves as much as we question others.  We put on a brave front that we know what we are doing, when in fact, we know very little about how our actions will impact the future.  It is frightening and exhilarating and mystifying and lovely all at once.

I recently received an email from a mom thanking me for my support during her daughter’s recent diagnosis of ectopia lentis. This is the same, genetic eye disorder both of my boys have. It is so rare, that it is difficult to find adequate resources on-line or anywhere at all for that matter. This mom is one of three that has contacted me through concerning this matter.

To be able to help these moms cope with the overwhelming feelings that came with this bizarre sounding disorder has been one of the greatest rewards of writing this blog.  I share this with you because if you are going through a particularly rough patch right now, know that it is preparing you to be of service to someone else.  My boys were undiagnosed for a long, long time and not knowing anyone who had gone through the same experience was gut-wrenching.  I know I didn’t completely prevent the feelings of despair for these women, but I eased the way and gave them hope.  My boys are living proof that vision does not define them.  They are awesome, adaptive and remarkable.  No matter what happens with their vision down the road, they will remain awesome, adaptive and remarkable.

You are all those and more, dear reader.

Happy New Year!




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Believe = Achieve

T.Puzzle believes he is an extraordinary athlete.  Mad Dog and I continuously crack up over how he thinks he is one of the fastest and most elite players on his soccer team (or any team for that matter).  He likes to compare himself to Lionel Messi who is a professional soccer player from Argentina.  Messi is often considered to be the best soccer player in the world.  Confident much, T.Puzzle?

Having officially started our summer 3v3 soccer season, I had reasonable expectations despite T.Puzzle’s overconfidence.  Last year our only consistent known strategy for victory was to leave Full Speed in all the time.  He had to be our offense, our defense and everything in between.  T.Puzzle and his other five-year old teammates had flashes of brilliance but would quickly lose focus leaving Full Speed alone in the lion’s den.  This year I had a feeling T.Puzzle, with a whole year of growth and maturity under his belt, would at least contribute.  Hopefully, Full Speed would get a break every now and then.

As the first game started, I started to get really, really confused.  T.Puzzle showed such ferocity as he marched the ball down the field, I kept mistaking him for Full Speed.  T.Puzzle wanted a goal.  It was written all over his sweaty little face.   He kept kicking, and kicking and kicking.  He was relentless and began to score goal, after goal, after goal.  By the time our third game straight was victoriously completed, he handily led our team in scoring.  He even reached double digits.  Who is this kid?

Lionel Messi, that’s who.  Guess I better start paying attention when T.Puzzle tells me something.

Messi, jr. on the move Whether you think you can or you can't--you're right.  --Henry Ford
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.
—-William Arthur Ward