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Our Time is Short

There was as time, not so long ago, that all I wanted for my birthday was a grown up day or night away from my boys. This wasn’t the case this year. We planned something kid-friendly and I had an absolute blast. I know, I was shocked, too.

On the actual day of my birthday when faced with the choice of eating at a dinosaur-themed restaurant or someplace calm and quiet, I actually chose the dinosaur-themed one. I wasn’t held at gunpoint or anything like that. Maybe it was because my birthday marked the passage of time or maybe I had a little heat stroke as it was incredibly hot at Downtown Disney, but I was happy to see my boys’ faces light up as the meteors rained down and the dinosaurs roared.

The next day, as I watched my boys run ahead to catch up with Mad Dog at Universal Studios, I really got it. My time with my boys is short. I can either spend these fleeting years reading quietly or, step outside my comfort zone and ride a Transformers ride in which I actually kind of feared for my life (please, don’t tell anyone).

This is my time to really enjoy the art of mothering. I’ve put in all the exhausting, hard years. I’ve been the captain of the No Fun Police for longer than I can remember. This is my time to trust that they will behave in public (mostly), that they will be highly entertaining to converse with (always) and that they still actually want to hang out with me. I’m sure being close personal friends with Bumblebee helps.


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Birthday Emergency

Full Speed turned 8 last week.  I’d like to say it was uneventful.  I’d also like to say that my boys are calm.  It’s just isn’t possible.

Full Speed proudly shows off his present as T.Puzzle takes a peek.

It started off fantastic.  We celebrated Full Speed in a myriad of ways.  We had dinner with family, cupcakes at school, presents galore and planned to head to the beach for the weekend.   My personal highlight was when Full Speed’s birthday wish was, “I hope T.Puzzle’s birthday can be just as awesome as mine.”

A happy Full Speed bounding down the stairs on the day of his actual birthday.

Once we were at the beach, before we made it even out the door to the ocean, we had to make a quick detour to urgent care.  T.Puzzle had a swollen ear that need to be looked at.  Two hours and an antibiotic later, we were cleared for action.  I have to admit, playing soccer ocean side is pretty awesome even if your skill level is questionable at best (like mine!).  Both boys played with their usual intensity.  You wouldn’t have thought anything was amiss.  That is until we hit midnight and Mad Dog and T.Puzzle set out for a late night ER adventure (T.Puzzle developed uncontrollable chills, spiked a fever and seemed a mess).  Turns out he had bronchitis to boot.  The next morning he recounted crazy tales of having to pee in a cup (he thought this was ridiculously funny) and there was not one single person at CVS besides the pharmacist (imagine that! 3am isn’t a happening time for crowds).

T.Puzzle snoozes while receiving a breathing treatment in the ER.

All in all, Full Speed declared birthday number 8 as being one of the best on record (he only was sort of concerned about his brother’s health status) and T.Puzzle has made a full and quick recovery.  Mad Dog and I took a little longer to recover.  Thankfully, the Buckeyes pulled out a miraculous win on Saturday before we left.  Otherwise, that would have been the longest ride home of my life.  Go Bucks!


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‘Left Out’ Has How Many Syllables?

T.Puzzle proving he is the life of any party

Full Speed was invited to a birthday party this weekend.  T.Puzzle is having a hard time comprehending that he isn’t invited to it.  I’ve tried explaining that only the kids in Full Speed’s class were invited and not their brothers and sisters.  He can’t let it go.

“Why aren’t syllables invited?” he asked.

“Siblings just aren’t, sweetie,” I replied.

These are the hard knocks of a boy’s life.

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Our Little Buckeye Turns Five

When you find the perfect gift for someone, it almost feels like a gift to yourself because it makes someone you love so happy.  A few weeks ago Mad Dog ordered a Brutus the Buckeye winter cap for T.Puzzle’s 5th birthday.  As soon as T.Puzzle opened it up, he placed it on his head and could barely be convinced to remove it for the 80 degree day we were having.

The compromise we reached to avoid the most conflict on this milestone birthday, was to let me bring the cap in with his cupcakes in the afternoon.  He happily wore it as soon as I walked in his classroom’s door.

T.Puzzle proudly posing with his cupcakes

Who knew Brutus the Buckeye was capable of bringing so much joy to one little (or dare I say big) five year old?

Happy Birthday, T.Puzzle! We love you as much as much as you love Brutus!
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Birthday with a Bite

A lady doesn’t share her that it’s her birthday unless she’s shopping at a shoe store that offers a birthday discount.  Then she will shout it from the highest mountain top if needed.

So, my birthday was the thirteenth.  As you can tell I was pretty psyched for my $5 off birthday coupon at the shoe store.  Before I went shopping I had a lovely breakfast with my boys.  I told them that some of the best presents I had were their Dad and the two of them.  I said that I was very lucky to have two of the best sons in the whole world. 

“I love you no matter what,” I said.

“Even if we bite somebody?” asked T.Puzzle.

T.Puzzle has an unfortunate history of biting.  I would like to say it’s a phase but if something last three years and has yet to stop, that’s more likely a life habit (life sentence?) than a phase. 

I didn’t hesitate to reply to him yet it pained me ever so.

“Yes, T.Puzzle.   I love you even if you bite somebody.”

Unless you bite me! 

 Did I say that out loud?