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As the mom of boys it’s a given that you are going to have to participate in activities that you don’t really understand. Things like spontaneous wrestling, watching racecar or train themed shows, arbitrary kung-fu contests and laughing at random and sometimes purposeful bodily function noises. I get that. So, it’s a pleasant surprise when you have to do something boy-related that turns into something unexpectedly fun.

We took the boys to a Corvette show that included a chili cook-off. I don’t know if it’s because they are getting older and seemed easier to manage, or that the show was small and uncrowded but I really enjoyed myself. Of course I judge the Corvettes by which one is the prettiest color (an aquamarine blue convertible won my top vote) so I may not have been appreciating it the way I should.

Anyway, since my life is destined to continue in the realm of all things boys; it’s nice to see the shimmering aquamarine lining finally starting to peek through. Regardless, you’ll never see me initiate spontaneous wrestling.

Full Speed’s favorite Corvette, little T.Puzzle in the foreground refusing to pose (shocker)