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Grocery Stories

I’d like to take full parenting credit that my boys were excellent for me during checkout.  Instead, I owe it all to the technological era of our time.  They knew if they acted like crazy monkeys they would not get video game time when we got home.  Therefore, they were downright angelic.  Oh sure, there was a point when Full Speed somehow got attacked by the grocery cart and nearly had his ear ripped from his body.  And of course T.Puzzle couldn’t get over that there were no sprinkle cookies left.  He approached a meltdown and with his head hung low rather ungraciously accepted a plain sugar cookie.  The only thing that saved him was he remembered his manners and said ‘thank you, ma’am’ to the very accommodating woman handing out the cookies.  After a few more seconds of nonsense he got over himself, ate the cookie and promptly declared, “That was delicious, I would like to have a second one, please!”

All in all, not a bad day at the store.

I don’t particularly like to resort to all out bribery to get my kids to behave.  I also don’t particularly like to have my children’s pictures on the grocery’s red-alert watch list.

To bribe or not to bribe?

Today, I chose bribery.

You’re welcome, America!

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My Nugget(s) of Wisdom

Little T.Puzzle had an excellent tae kwon do class. This morning he went to the childcare at my gym without complaint.

I think he is truly growing and expanding as a human being.


I’m getting better at bribery.

If only all conflict could be solved with the promise of chicken nuggets and fries…

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I Tink I Goofed

I know most moms are all about sharing advice. What works for them, what doesn’t and what is the complete undoing of one’s sanity. From the content of this blog, it is obvious that I am clearly no parenting expert. I will save you the hassle. If you ever feel the need to ask me potty-training advice simply don’t. I care about your mental health too much.

Oh, I know little T.Puzzle is mastering this potty thing and I also know it has hardly anything to do with my assistance. He was just ready. When he was ready things started to fall into place (like in the toilet and not all over my floor).

Here is an example of my questionable parenting skills. I decided that every time little T.Puzzle poops on the potty he gets a Tinker Bell fruit snack (my boys are in a huge Tink phase; I’m guessing it’s her teeny, tiny skirt and not her magical abilities). Now this poor kid is trying to poop like 20 times a day to get more fruit snacks. I’m worried for him. He looks like he might pop a blood vessel in his forehead while attempting to gain his reward.

For potty training advice, clearly I’m not your gal. And frankly anything else I have to say that is mommy-related is a real crapshoot.