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Attitude Cleansing

We went to our neighborhood egg hunt. There were many lectures about no wrestling, no biting, no tackling and no fighting over eggs. I was filled with apprehension as we waited for the ‘go’ signal from the sidelines. The eggs were spread across a big field like jellybeans and my heart caught in my throat as I waited to unleash the boys into the egg hunt frenzy. I appointed Mad Dog ┬áto T.Puzzle-watch because he was my boy most likely to attack anyone who might get in his way.

When it was time, they gathered their eggs without incident. Little T.Puzzle even went so far as to hand an extra egg to a toddler girl. Very chivalrous of him.

Then we went to Walgreens to get a photo with the Easter Bunny. At the start of the egg hunt I was filled with loads of mommy-guilt because I hadn’t taken them for their traditional Easter Bunny photo. Turns out, Walgreens was my savior. There was no one in line and we got a great package of a profusion of photos for only five bucks. Can’t beat that.

So, I was feeling relieved. Relieved because the boys did great at the egg hunt and because I was able to get their Easter photo. It was all going so well until little T.Puzzle found a ball that he ‘needed’ to have. I told him to put it back because we would have to see what the Easter Bunny might bring us tomorrow. He starts to tantrum and it was only reaching about a level four when I picked him up and… he smacked me across the face. Mad Dog intervened and took him to the car. I’m not sure what punishment took place but when I returned to the car at least little T.Puzzle offered an apology. Nothing makes one more proud than when your own child waps you in the head. I guess he was reminding me that while he can behave at times, ultimately, he doesn’t really like it.

We tried to rally and headed to the car wash. For some reason, watching the cars get washed through the window is an activity of wonderment if you are a boy aged 3 or 5. And as much as I wanted to, I didn’t put little T.Puzzle in the car and send him through the car wash with the windows down. I will admit it was tempting and it might have been an original way to clean up his attitude.