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You Called It

We are slowly getting back to our regular routine. I knew little T.Puzzle’s first day back at school was going to be ‘challenging’ after such a long vacation. In other words, it was really going to hit the fan. If you’ve read this blog enough, you know exactly what I mean.

During the week I did my best to prepare him for his return. I would tell him what we had planned for each day and talk enthusiastically about him going back to school on Friday.

He didn’t buy a word of it.

All I could do was rise and shine and put my game face on for school day. The boys were both awake when I determinedly entered their room.  Full Speed was beaming. He was happy because he still had another day at home. Little T.Puzzle was a whining, miserable mess.

Full Speed pops up from bed and darts to the bathroom. Little T.Puzzle moves at sloth speed and tears abound. His attitude goes from bad to worse in six seconds flat and I order him back to his room to shape up. Then all we hear are piteous cries coming from the boys’ room.

I don’t know if it was the exhaustion of hosting six additional people for several days or my trips to the pool and beach, but in the midst of caring for all the clan, I had an earache brewing.

I offhandedly mention this to Mad Dog. Full Speed hears this too and promptly says, “I know why your ear hurts, Mom. It’s because little T.Puzzle is screaming so loud.”

Good call.

And for the record, little T.Puzzle had an awesome first day back.