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Forget the Park

I decided to take the boys to the library park after school. I know their day is long at school but it usually bodes well for me at home if they can run some energy out. They were psyched as we pulled into the parking lot. As I looked across the field that stood between us and the actual playground, it resembled a muddy swamp. There were rivulets of murky water mazed throughout the grassy muck. I took one look and knew it wasn’t gonna happen. I told the boys we had a change of plans and would head to a park that was closer to home (and less of a mud disaster).

Full Speed was mad. He decided to have an awful attitude as we came upon our new location. At one point he decided to take a handful of mulch and throw it at T.Puzzle at point-blank range. Slowly and after a time-out or two, he readjusted his attitude and begrudgingly played.

I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that urged me to call our time at the park to a close sooner rather than later. They were both on edge and even though the weather was pitch perfect, I didn’t want to chance it. I announced it’s time to leave and then T.Puzzle goes into the throes of a level 9 meltdown. Slowly and after a time-out or two, he readjusted his attitude and begrudgingly left.

Why is it that when you are doing something out of the ordinary for your kids that it more often than not it completely backfires? It almost seems that the more good intentions and higher the expectations, the more it can fail. Then you bring home your two crabby kids and throw them in the bath (something they do all the time) and they have the time of their lives. Think of all the money Disney World would lose if parents actually caught on to this logic. Stay home and give your kids a bath instead.

By the way, did I mention we are considering a day trip to Disney sometime before the end of the year? Should be interesting.