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There are challenges to raising two very active boys who wear glasses. We are becoming so familiar to the optometrist’s for fittings, fixes and adjustments, it’s like the show ‘Cheers’ (everyone knows our name). Instead of ‘Norm!’ they shout out ‘Full Speed and T.Puzzle!!’ when we come through their doors.  Full Speed’s glasses are by far the most precarious. Between his soccer games and spontaneous wrestling tendencies, one of his lenses keeps popping out of his frames. From experience, once a lens pops, it ain’t never gonna be the same.

All I can do is count myself lucky that the optometrist is nearby and pray for the invention of glasses that are boy-proof.

I think the odds are against us.

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Three Sheets

I had started to function a little better. I no longer had body aches, my fever was gone and I was sleeping less during the day. All signs that I am on the road to recovery.

Yet, it didn’t feel quite good enough. There still was some missing piece of good health that I was unable to find. My ears and throat were still sore and aching and I fatigued quite easily (some call that motherhood).  Oh, and I had acquired massive cold sores that now covered my upper AND lower lips (ouch!). They are super-attractive, too.

When I woke up and told Mad Dog that I was better but would most likely need another three hour nap that afternoon, he said enough is enough. Off to urgent care you go. Yuck.

I was so out of it I forgot my license when I registered at the walk-in clinic’s front desk. My subsequent evaluation by the P.A. determined I had no serious infection. Instead, my sinuses are seriously messed up. They are so swollen they are putting pressure on my ear canals and throat, thus the incessant pain. I was prescribed a nasal steroid and an OTC decongestant with pain-reliever. Give it a week the P.A. said, and see how it goes.

I hope it goes well. Since Mad Dog is basing my health on how much wine I’m consuming (which as of late has been none), I hope that soon I am back to my old self and three sheets to the wind.