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‘Dinner’ and a Movie

Our day has been perfection. A day at the beach topped off with a family movie night.

Mad Dog was ever resourceful in creating tonight’s movie cuisine.

Is it considered to be popcorn chicken if Mad Dog throws some chicken nuggets in some bowls of popcorn for the boys’ dinner?

The boys think he’s a genius of course.

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My Nugget(s) of Wisdom

Little T.Puzzle had an excellent tae kwon do class. This morning he went to the childcare at my gym without complaint.

I think he is truly growing and expanding as a human being.


I’m getting better at bribery.

If only all conflict could be solved with the promise of chicken nuggets and fries…

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I Spy

I am trying very hard to get my house back in order after all the visitors. This morning I was clearing floors and decided to put T.Puzzle’s new Thomas the Train track on our dining room table. Per our morning routine (as we are extremely routine oriented here), the boys were dressed, fed and had their teeth brushed. If this goes smoothly it allows time for a cartoon viewing before school. I use that time to sneak back upstairs and change out of my pajamas and occasionally focus on my personal hygiene. I do mean occasionally. When I come back downstairs what do I find but this:

Oh, well.

After the boys are dropped at school and my morning workout is complete, I take a few minutes to phone my sister. She is getting back in the routine of her everyday life and so am I. We both agreed seeing each other helped our hearts tremendously and maybe we will survive this first Christmas without our Mom after all.

I told her Mad Dog is traveling and that overall the boys and I are doing well. She told me to thank Mad Dog for all he did to make the trip to Florida happen and all the other ways that he was generous to her family. I told her I would but when he is traveling, I rarely get a chance to speak to him. He is usually incredibly busy and often times meets with colleagues for dinners out at night. I told her it’s hard sometimes to hear that he is on his way out as I am in the lonely process of shutting my house down and tucking the boys in bed for the night. She said that she understood.

“It’s probably hard to think of Mad Dog eating steak when you are at home eating chicken nuggets with the boys,” she said.

“How did you know I had chicken nuggets last night (I really did!)? Did you put cameras in my house while you were here?” I asked.

This made both of us of laugh. Of course a Mom would eat chicken nuggets. It’s just what we do.

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Vomitville (disclaimer: not for the weak of stomach)

Mad Dog and I were scheduled to view the proofs from our photo session at the studio. The stars had sort of aligned because our babysitter was available and the appointment was late enough in the evening that Mad Dog could easily make it. My day was busy leading up to it. I even managed to get my self showered and prettied before I took the boys to Tae Kwon Do. The boys had a good class. T.Puzzle earned his belt back (long story, check out my previous post ‘Mother of the Year’ for more details) and Full Speed was in good form. After class I headed through the drive-thru and even successfully got my babysitter something to eat, too. I get home, get the boys out of their uniforms because food and white uniforms are a superbad combination, and get them settled in to eat.

Full Speed is becoming difficult. He does this sometimes when I order him chicken nuggets because he prefers cheeseburgers (sorry, Full Speed, Chick-Fil-A only has chicken so you get what you get). He immediately drops into negotiation mode. I’m still trying to get my house organized, laundry done, dishes cleared, etc., that I’m not really in the mood to listen to him. At about five minutes before the babysitter arrives he jumps up from the table and says his chicken nuggets are ‘choking him’. Personally, it takes a lot of restraint on my part not to ‘choke him’ instead. I think it’s all an elaborate act to get out of eating the nuggets. I was wrong. I was doggone, puky wrong.

He starts to cry and in an instant I can sense we are on the express train to vomitville. I realize it too late. Our home is lovely with a nice, open floor layout. This is nice so I can always keep on eye on the boys In terms of puke containment, it spells disaster. He starts the vomit in the kitchen nook, trails it over by the computer into the family room. I do my best to maneuver him to the bathroom which just leads to a trail of vomit down our hall and into the bathroom (which he showers down in slime as well).

Of course, my Mommy instinct kicks in and I become oblivious to the grossness. Thankfully (and I bless the heavens for this) my babysitter arrives just at that moment. I let her in, brief her on the situation and she bravely takes the boys upstairs to bathe them while I set to clean and sanitize the likes of my entire first floor. Of course I do this all in a cute, dressy top and black pants (vomit mess waits for no one).

vomitvilleWhen all is said and done and our home smells like a freshly disinfected hospital room, I send the babysitter home (this is right about when Mad Dog arrives into the chaos), cancel our appointment at the studio and collapse on the couch in our front room. I quickly realize my cute outfit smells anything but. Mad Dog sends me upstairs to shower and change. As I write this I’m still traumatized by the level of mess that Full Speed achieved. I may never be able to look at a chicken nugget again without breaking into a cold, cold sweat.