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Miracle on Monkey Island

Last week the boys had their six-month eye check-ups.  They were reluctant participants because they knew they had to have dilation drops.  They hate those.  Despite their reluctance and the over three hours we spent at the ophthalmology clinic, we ended up having a great time.  It’s kind of nice getting to spend time with them during school hours and getting out of school early almost makes dilation drops bearable.  Almost.

As we sat in the waiting area hoping pupils were dilating, a strange thing happened.  I noticed nearly every under five-year old was in a state of meltdown or duress.  There were harried mothers running amok trying to corral and soothe these very distressed children.  They were wiping noses, handing sippy cups out to no avail and looking rather frazzled.

Then, it dawned on me.  That used to be me.  Times two.  I sat back in my chair and let this realization wash over me.  I glanced to my left and there sat Full Speed happily immersed in a thick chapter book.  I glanced to my right and there sat T.Puzzle quietly.  He was too tired from fighting the dilation drops earlier and chose just to sit in silence rather than do anything else.  Let me repeat, he sat in SILENCE.

As my eyes swept over the waiting room that was quickly turning into a scene from a monkey island zoo exhibit, I thanked my lucky stars that miraculously my boys seemed to be two of the best behaved there.

I never thought I would live to see the day.

It's been an honor corralling these awesome guys
It’s been an honor corralling these awesome guys