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Life Changing

Sometimes Mad Dog and I disagree.  I know, it seems hard to believe.  If you ask Mad Dog, he is at a loss as to why we disagree since he is under the impression he is always right.  What’s there to disagree about?

We were having a tension-filled discussion and the boys knew we weren’t seeing eye to eye.   My day had been busy and being frustrated with Mad Dog was forcing me to turn to one of my coping mechanisms…chocolate.  I became more frustrated when I learned all we had in the house were a handful of peanut M&Ms.  I’m not a picky girl when it comes to chocolate but I knew I would have to give them up for Full Speed.  Full Speed’s recent discovery of the wonders of peanut M&Ms meant that they were off limits.  I really was okay with this but I really was still not okay with Mad Dog.

I went upstairs to collect my thoughts, change into my pjs (another favorite coping mechanism) and change my attitude (not really but I tried, well, only sort of tried).

When I returned, sitting right next to my chair was the container of peanut M&Ms.

Full Speed decided he wanted something else for a treat.  I could tell he was making his best effort to make me feel better by forgoing the M&Ms.

In the end, Mad Dog and I made up, like we always do and I proceeded to have the best-tasting, most love-filled M&Ms of my life.

See?  Chocolate changes lives.

Nice save Full Speed
Nice save Full Speed