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Oops, He Did It Again

Underneath the adorable exterior of glasses and dimples lies the heart of lion. And, sometimes that lion feels sassy.

T.Puzzle has consistently been getting good and sometimes even great reports from school.  I think it is reasonable to hope that while T.Puzzle may not get a perfect report every day, the awful reports are firmly planted in the past.

Ha.  Ha.

First, it started with a report that he hit someone on the playground.  The details were sketchy but witnesses placed him at the scene of a physical altercation.  Bad report number two had to do with him pinching a fellow student over a book.  And finally, this is the report that warmed my heart the most, he sassed the teacher (on the upside he had zero incidents of physical violence this day–I’m so proud).  Oh, this isn’t the first time Mr. Man has sassed his teacher in this particular manner.  It went down something like this:

Teacher: “T.Puzzle it’s not time for the Lego center you need to stop playing with them.”

T.Puzzle ignores her and continues his Lego building.

Teacher:  “If you don’t stop right now, you will not be allowed to play Legos this afternoon.”

T.Puzzle:  “It doesn’t matter, my Mom is picking me up early so I won’t even be here for centers.”

This was a true statement.  Sometimes I pick him up early so he can get Full Speed from school with me.  From now on I may be picking him up early to take him to “Mommy and Your Soon-to-be Juvenile Delinquent” classes.

He’s a work in progress…

children, humor, kindergarten, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

Good Manners vs. Bad Behavior

I was volunteering in Full Speed’s class, which when given a chance to interact with the kids, I thoroughly enjoy.  It’s a lot more entertaining than if I get sent off to make copies or cut paper.  I love to watch Full Speed in the classroom setting.  He’s impatient, antsy, full of answers even to questions that aren’t being asked and rather comical.  A lot of the kids like to share with me that Full Speed is ‘silly’ or ‘funny’.  I interpret this to mean ‘ the teacher has her hands full keeping him in line’.  So when his teacher pulls me aside to discuss a morning incident concerning Full Speed, I am not surprised.

Apparently there was a scuffle of sorts with a fellow classmate in which Full Speed hit the other child with his lunch box.  When the teacher asked him point-blank why he did it he said, ‘I don’t know, ma’am’.  When pressed further about his intentions he kept politely replying, ‘I don’t know, ma’am’.

The bad news is that Full Speed can be a little hotheaded; the good news is his manners will be impeccable when questioned in a court of law.

I’m so relieved.