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Belts VS. Pizza

It was Full Speed’s turn to graduate.  I have less reservations about his involvement in tae kwon do because since the age of three, he has taken to it like a fish to water.  I figure there can’t be any real lasting damage if the kid is having a blast.

As for the adults viewing the nearly two and a half hour long graduation spectacle, I don’t think we fared quite as well (my apologies to Grandma and Grandpa for the extreme time commitment, on a Saturday no less!).  Apparently, we got off easy.  Previous graduations for juniors and above have clocked in at five hours.

Why oh why can’t Full Speed be a Tiny Tiger forever?  One hour graduations for the little kids are the bomb.  And, poor T.Puzzle was beside himself with boredom and hunger near the end of Full Speed’s graduation.  He sounded like a broken record, “Can I get some pizza?  Can I get some pizza?  How about some pizza peeps?”

Full Speed in attack mode as he spars for his belt advancement.

Despite all this, we enjoyed watching Full Speed perform his forms, kicks and punches.  He sparred like a champ and showed great attention and focus.  As for me, I showed great attention and focus, but only when Full Speed was on the mat.  The rest of the time I too, dreamed of pizza (and shopping, and reading and birds and the meaning of life, pretty much anything except tae kwon do).

We join him on the mat for the belt tying ceremony.

Way to go Full Speed!

children, humor, kids, life in pictures, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

Belts VS. Suspenders

As a Mom you are always questioning if the decisions you are making today will have positive outcomes for your children’s future.

I don’t know if having my boys in tae kwon do at such an early age is the right decision.  I have a bunch of logical reasons to keep them in it.  Structure, channeling high energy into something good and enforcing respect, good behavior and manners are all elements of tae kwon do that I like.

Am I asking too much of them?  On the days that T.Puzzle fights me to go to practice, will he have permanent psychological scars?  Will he never be able to be in a room with a person wearing a colored belt without breaking into a sweat of fear?  Is he doomed to a life of wearing only suspenders?

I. Don’t. Know.

I do know I have seen his confidence improve and it is finally clicking that the color of the belts is meaningful.

He rightfully earned his yellow belt.

Yes he is proud and so am I.  Does that make it right for a three year old?

I. Don’t. Know.