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Yes, I Combed My Hair

I have a sure-fire way to get a compliment. When dropping your child at school/camp, consistently wear old t-shirts and scruffy looking shorts. Oh, and hardly ever comb/wash your hair, too. That way when you make a tiny effort of simply putting a comb to your hair and throwing on a cute necklace, it sends shockwaves through the school/camp’s staff. They can’t help but comment on your appearance in a complimentary way.

The reason I say this is that I actually put some effort into myself before leaving the house today. I was more embarrassed than flattered at how many compliments I received at Full Speed’s camp. Makes me wonder how bedraggled I have looked up until this point.

Oh well.

Today is a big day. Full Speed has his orientation for kindergarten so I am attempting to look pulled together even if I don’t feel it (you know, first impression and all). We will see his classroom and meet his teacher. All I hope is that his teacher is a person who can appreciate high energy.

And, thank you to Mad Dog for my surprise blog-a-versary flowers yesterday. They are beautiful and I am thankful you remain my number one fan (regardless of how I look).

Love you, Mad Dog!