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The Truth About Dimples

Why is it that inevitibly on the day you have a conference with your child’s teacher they earn a bad behavior report?  This is only worsened by the fact that it is his second in a row in what is turning out to be a possible record breaking number of bad behavior reports.  I mean I’m going to give T.Puzzle credit.  At least he is consistent and obviously committed to racking up a high number of these reports.

His teachers aren’t completely throwing him under the bus.  They say things like, “well, he’s a good kid, he’s just not listening,” or “when he’s in a group he gets in trouble but on his own he is great.”  I don’t know if I buy it.  I kind of do but I’m telling you, his dimples and glasses let that kid get away with more than anybody has a right to.

I know I survived this kind of behavior stuff from Full Speed when he was exactly this age.  I know I have to be consistent and strong with discipline.  T.Puzzle has yet to be unfazed by the consequences he has incurred.  I’m going to have to up the ante just like I did with Full Speed.  I’m running out of options.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to start taking away food, shelter and clothing.

I’m almost postive this would make T.Puzzle a naked, starving and sunburned four year old who still refuses to listen to his teachers. 

Thank goodness for the dimples…

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The T.Puzzle Connection

We may be turning a corner here. There certainly are no guarantees when raising a family but I’m sensing a slight shift in little T.Puzzle. He actually made the connection that bad behavior equals the loss of privileges. When I picked him up from school the first thing he said to me was, “Do I get to watch a show and have a treat?” I told him that he could but only if he was a good listener and was respectful. He seemed satisfied with that and went on to be mostly well-behaved for the rest of the evening.

I remember when Full Speed was in the heart of the terrible threes and he would have moments and phases of clarity just like Little T.Puzzle is showing. It would bolster me up for the next inevitable slide back to tantrum-filled defiance. I guess that’s what I need to do now. Soak up Little T.Puzzle’s slice of sanity and put the memory of it in my reserve tank of parenting energy.

You all know I’m gonna need it.