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A Diaperless Life

These are going to be some of my good memories of the summer of 2010:

When Full Speed woke up this morning he put his hand over his chest and said, “Mom, I can feel my heart beeping!” He was so cute he made my heart skip a ‘beep’.

Little T.Puzzle has pooped on the potty three days in a row. He may actually be fully potty-trained some day. What will a diaperless existence be like? Even though I’ve never been, I’m guessing it will be like nirvana.

These things may seem insignificant. In my world they are everything. I’m glad you are sharing the ride. Thanks for reading.

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The Loooong Weekend

At the start of the long weekend Mad Dog said, “Are you ready to have three vacation days in a row?”

Not exactly.

For me the long holiday weekend means that I have to keep my boys occupied and active for three straight days. In the mornings we hit the ground running and it doesn’t stop until their bedtime (which thankfully, they are great about). I’m not complaining but let’s call a spade a spade. If I really were to have three vacation days in a row, you would find me at a spa under an assumed name where no one could reach me.

So, Mad Dog and I diligently planned numerous outings and activities for them (it certainly helped when Grandma and Grandpa took them to see Shrek). We took them to the gym (they love the play area there), we had friends over, we played tickle monster and hide and seek, and they played computer games, trains and car chase. To top that off, we interspersed our outings and games with the occasional movie viewing at home. On the third day we attended a very active outdoor festival and by four o’clock, we all had hit a wall. Even though Mad Dog and I were bumping up against exhaustion, we still needed to occupy the boys until bedtime which we seriously considered moving to 5:30 (I even threw out 5:15).

While Mad Dog prepared dinner (thank you, Mad Dog), I showered the boys and then we all sat down to eat. By the time it was over, we still had hours until bedtime. Meltdowns were popping up, patience was being tested and frankly, I was ready to leave for my real vacation.

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Baby Steps

The boys play trains together. This lasts peaceably for a whole five minutes.

Mad Dog was working late and to motivate the boys to have good behavior through the evening, I said that we could watch America’s Funniest Home Videos together. Before we headed up to bathtime they went through the rules. No hitting, no biting, no tackling, no splashing, no throwing, no disrespectful talk and at the end of the list they both say, “no nothing (little T.Puzzle says ‘no nuffing’) or you go to bed without a treat or a show”. That’s when I came up with my future book on discipline called ‘The No Nuffing Approach to Making Your Children Behave’.

We got through bathtime, treat time and teeth-brushing and ‘snuggled’ up on the couch together. I use the term ‘snuggle’ lightly because I always end up injured. First someone inadvertently elbows me in the rib-cage, then someone else ‘sits’ on my lap with such force, I almost lose my breath and finally, someone always, always drops a hotwheels on my foot (ouch!).

It’s a given that my boys will be less than gentle but they are learning. At least now they apologize when they unintentionally inflict pain upon me.

Baby steps, right?

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As the mom of boys it’s a given that you are going to have to participate in activities that you don’t really understand. Things like spontaneous wrestling, watching racecar or train themed shows, arbitrary kung-fu contests and laughing at random and sometimes purposeful bodily function noises. I get that. So, it’s a pleasant surprise when you have to do something boy-related that turns into something unexpectedly fun.

We took the boys to a Corvette show that included a chili cook-off. I don’t know if it’s because they are getting older and seemed easier to manage, or that the show was small and uncrowded but I really enjoyed myself. Of course I judge the Corvettes by which one is the prettiest color (an aquamarine blue convertible won my top vote) so I may not have been appreciating it the way I should.

Anyway, since my life is destined to continue in the realm of all things boys; it’s nice to see the shimmering aquamarine lining finally starting to peek through. Regardless, you’ll never see me initiate spontaneous wrestling.

Full Speed’s favorite Corvette, little T.Puzzle in the foreground refusing to pose (shocker)
children, life in pictures, mommyhood

Help Me

It’s hard to describe what it means to mother the likes of children like Full Speed and T.Puzzle. I do my best to give an accurate depiction through my daily posts. Here I’m doing something different. I am going to post several pictures to show you what ten minutes in my life are like. Keep in mind, this is only ten minutes. Imagine that and the other 12 hours and 50 minutes that they are normally awake.

Send help immediately!