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What’s For Dinner?


I am taking this opportunity to announce my plans to officially change my name to:

What’s For Dinner

Why you may ask?

This is because I have been asked this question so many times a new neural pathway has formed in my brain convincing me that this, in fact, must be my name.

News flash:

It isn’t.

The point I’m making is that a sure-fire way to get on my bad side is to ask me:

‘What’s for dinner?’

It isn’t that I’m opposed to the question in a general sense, but if that is the question you lead with 999 times out of a thousand, I’m not keen to respond in a pleasant manner.  At least lead in with a ‘How was your day?’ or ‘Your yoga pants are particularly stylish today’.

Therefore, after a long night up with a dog with seemingly endless diarrhea (it all came out fine in the end), I explained to T.Puzzle over his after school snack I may have a short fuse as the evening progressed.

“So, I shouldn’t ask you what’s for dinner?”

And so he lived to see another day.



Full Speed insisted his stomach hurt all day.  It was so critical at one point he had to go to the nurse’s office.

“Okay, then I guess you can lay down when we get home and you can go to bed super early to get better fast,” I sweetly insisted.

Suddenly, he felt better.

The miraculous recovery spilled over to the next day. 

“If you tell the teacher you need to see the nurse again, I will make sure you go to bed right after dinner when you get home.”

No nurse’s note appeared in his take home folder.

He is healed. 

So much in fact, check out this action: (disclaimer–T.Puzzle screams really loud at the end of this for no apparent reason so you may want to cut the audio before viewing)

So, all is well with Full Speed and he learned how to ride a bike without training wheels in one day this week. 

It seemed the harder I pushed him to learn, the less motivated he was.  I gave up the fight and six months later he got on his bike and rode off into the sunset sans training wheels.

A miracle here, a miracle there, everywhere a miracle.

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Right On

Mad Dog and I were trying to coordinate the evening.  He was driving back from getting a haircut with Full Speed when he was finally able to get a hold of me.

“Sorry, about that.  I was just talking to my boss,” Mad Dog explained as to why he couldn’t take my call a few minutes ago.

We then went on to discuss what needed to picked up at the grocery and the final details of dinner.  Full Speed was in the backseat listening intently to Mad Dog’s end of the conversation.

When our call ended Mad Dog turned his attention to Full Speed who by this time had a burning question.

“Dad?  Is Mom your boss?”

Even though Full Speed misunderstood our phone exchange, I think all Moms would agree with me that technically speaking, he was actually very, very right.

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‘Dinner’ and a Movie

Our day has been perfection. A day at the beach topped off with a family movie night.

Mad Dog was ever resourceful in creating tonight’s movie cuisine.

Is it considered to be popcorn chicken if Mad Dog throws some chicken nuggets in some bowls of popcorn for the boys’ dinner?

The boys think he’s a genius of course.