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Picture This

Unbelievably I was asked to submit a baby photo of Full Speed to commemorate his upcoming graduation.  It is hard to fathom that he is on the cusp of being in high school but, here we are.  There were so many great photos to choose from, I sent in several.  The parent committee chose to display this one:

Full Speed’s obsession with Elmo is evident by the joy of his smile.  Love this photo!

T.Puzzle would like a different angle when it comes to his future 8th grade photo selection.  He wants something that feels authentic to him.  After his coaching, I found a couple of gems.

When my boys were small and T.Puzzle would wake from a nap, I would plop Full Speed in his crib and they would wrestle and play.  More often than not, as it seemed to be the natural tendency of their interactions, their play would quickly turn violent.

Things would start out happy:



This is the photo T.Puzzle wants me to send in once things went south.

At least his smile is genuine:


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The Big Bird Blues

Big Bird
Image by LR_PTY via Flickr

We had a great holiday weekend.  Somehow three days didn’t seem like enough.  I guess that’s a good sign that Mad Dog and I actually enjoy our time with our kids.

I don’t know if it was the longer weekend but whatever adjusting I’ve done over Full Speed and his start of kindergarten seemed to go out the window.  I was feeling very sad last night as I thought about this morning’s drop-off.  He still is doing an awesome job and seems to love all the newness and challenge of it.  Good for him, bad for me.

Full Speed when kindergarten seemed lifetimes away.

I’m sure I’ll adjust and by that time he will be moving on to first grade and I will be moving myself towards more emotional binge eating.

As for T.Puzzle his recovery time is winding down.  We see the eye doc tomorrow and while playgrounds and tae kwon do will still be off limits, he will most likely return to his preschool this week.  During his time at home I learned he no longer likes Sesame Street.  This may not seem like a big deal but to us Moms, it means the end of an era.  I still have not been able to erase it from our DVR.

Kindergarten and no more Sesame Street, it really is the dawn of a new age.

When Elmo and Big Bird were the bomb... oh, where did the time go T.Puzzle?